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International - Multipassionate - Multidiscipinary

Aspiring Researcher and Creative Practitioner.

Arts/stage management, performance, writing, teaching, journalism and more.


Third Culture and making more


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Born in Hong Kong and raised in its unique blend of cultures, Cyril grew up a third culture kid who never really belonged. He flip-flopped between going into Medicine or the Arts for many years before settling on Music and Drama.

He went abroad Birmingham (UK) for University, caught the travel bug and went on a year abroad to New Orleans, LA culminating with an internship in New York City. Time abroad enlivens the mind (and helps a third culture individual learn about more cultures and do more work).

  Cyril now does things. Lots of things. With lots of different people, in different positions, artistic niches and most importantly - cultures.

Currently, he works mainly as a Drama Workshop Facilitator, Performer, English and Liberal Arts Tutor, and Freelance Writer/Editor.




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Always looking for new collaborators or clients.

If you're looking for an artistic jack-of-all-trades, come say hi!




If you're local to Hong Kong, feel free to drop by:

4B, 32 Tai Yip St. Ngau Tau Kok, Kowloon


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